About Stillwater Lakes

Stillwater Lakes is a private water ski development in Palm Bay Florida. We have two tournament ready lakes.  The west lake is designed for 3 event record tournaments with record capable courses for slalom and tricks, also north and south bound jump courses if needed.  The east lake is designed for high level slalom skiing and has been the venue for many record tournaments.  Located in sunny south central Florida, it allows year-round water skiing.  All of the 18 lots are over 1 acre and on the water.  The lots are designed with a small bay area to accommodate private docks lifts and beaches.  There is a swale area between the buildable area on the lots and the water, so that water runoff does not go directly into the lake.  This prevents shoreline damage and keeps the water clear.  We also have a row of bamboo on the east shore of the east slalom lake which dramatically reduces the easterly winds that are common off of the Atlantic Ocean. Thus, we probably have the smoothest water of any site around. At this writing, we have 7 homes built with more in the planning stages. We recently installed an aeration system to the lakes which keeps our water clean and clear.