Stillwater Lakes Sign

The community  maintains a board of directors for the HOA and has hired Fairway Property Management Inc of Melbourne to manage  the community. Fairway independently handles any and  all functions of the HOA for the community. In 2018, Fairway had electricity installed in the common area between the lakes to accommodate an aeration system for both lakes.  The aeration is in place and will keep our lakes much clearer and cleaner because it reduces algae, a common issue in many Florida lakes, especially during the summer months.

We believe that our site is one of the very best in the world. We are located in sunny, south-central Florida, only 25 minutes from great beaches. We water ski comfortably year-round. Both of our man-made private lakes run north/south.  It simply doesn't get any better!

For questions, contact Lou Alcamo:  321.474.5479